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The Law Offices of Fenstersheib and Berkowitz is a private practice law firm which represents women all across the nation, including Baltimore, Maryland, in the breast implant litigation with the Settlement Facility-Dow Corning Trust. They are not employed by or affiliated with Dow Corning or the SF-DCT in any manner.

Updated Information for Breast Implant Litigation Claimants

As of 12/15/2010, the MDL-926 is no longer accepting claims for disease review. If you are a registered claimant in the SF-DCT and have a Dow Corning implant, please contact our office for a free consultation: (800) 529-6268.

Robert Fenstersheib and Sheryl E. Berkowitz have been helping women within the Settlement Facility Trust of Dow Corning (SF-DCT) for almost 2 decades. They have successfully helped hundreds of women settle their breast implant litigation claims as a part of the Breast Implant Class Action litigation. The breast implant litigation criteria is very involved and detailed. If you have immune deficiency diseases and have been previously implanted with a silicone breast implants manufactured by Dow Corning Corporation, and registered with the SF-DCT, you may be entitled to receive a settlement. Contact us regarding the compensation that may be available to you.

Protect your legal rights. Find out about the Breast Implant Class Action and your legal rights. The Breast Implant Class Action is a complex system with deadlines and filings that are best done by an experienced breast implant litigation lawyer. Sheryl Berkowitz has successfully represented 100’s of the woman in the Breast Implant Litigation for almost two decades. She is also currently assisting women throughout the United States who developed ovarian and fallopian tube cancer after the use of Johnson and Johnson Baby Powered and/or Shower 2 Shower.

If you are suffering from symptoms of or have been diagnosed with: Lupus (SLE), Polyarthritis, Scleroderma, or GCTS (General Connective Tissue Symptoms) we can help. Our experienced staff can help you with you Settlement Facility requirements and office communications. Let us be your ally and confident and help you deal with the process of your Breast Implant Litigation claim. Please contact our office for a free consultation: (800) 529-6268.

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