What Is The History Of Dow Corning Silicone Implants? What Was Their Knowledge Of Medical Implant Risks?

Dow Corning is a company founded by Herbert Henry Dow in 1897. The manufacturer started producing a small product line comprising of bleach and potassium bromide. Dow Corning expanded over the years until they became one of the leading manufacturers of silicone products. They began producing silicone breast implants once there became a large demand for these products in the medical industry. Dow Corning is currently the second biggest chemical manufacturer worldwide, and they are the single largest producer of plastic products.

There is evidence that has shown that Dow Corning personnel were aware of the risks associated with their silicone implants, and that they knew about the production problems with their products on the market. The FDA introduced mandatory problem reporting programs in the 1980’s that gave implant the manufacturers the opportunity to recognize and analyze any complaints and potential problems associated with their products.

After the FDA Moratorium, Dow Corning found themselves deep within litigation concerning their products and raw materials. Their legal troubles grew to an international scale. The company entered into an agreement in 1993 with different plaintiffs who claimed they had suffered injuries from the defective silicone breast implant products. In May of 1995, Dow Corning filed a Chapter II reorganization with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. The corporation also proceeded to seek out further injunctions against the litigation for medical products that they produced and distributed. Protection orders were also requested against implant plaintiffs who had ongoing trials against related defendant corporations in an effort to protect themselves from later lawsuits.

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