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If you were implanted with Dow Corning implants prior to June 1, 1993, are registered with the SF-DCT as a Class 5 claimant, and have acceptable Proof of Manufacturer and have not filed your Disease claim, you may still eligible to participate in the Dow Corning Class Action settlements.

If you, or someone you care about, has suffered adverse reactions as a result of a breast implant problems, please contact our law firm for a free and confidential consultation of your claim. Our phones answer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Let the Breast Implant Litigation lawyers at the Law Offices of Fenstersheib & Berkowitz represent you in your Breast Implant Claim.

You owe it to yourself to call us and find out about your legal rights within the Class Action. Our compassionate staff would welcome the opportunity to explain your legal rights and discuss your potential claim with you. If accepted as a client of our firm, we promise to do our very best to attain the highest settlement award to which you may be entitled. Please call us for a free consultation of your legal rights.

There is no obligation to use our services, and YOU PAY NO FEE UNLESS YOU ARE AWARDED A SETTLEMENT.

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Please complete the confidential questionnaire below so that we may better understand and advise you about your potential claim.

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Qualifying Questions:

  • Approximate date of initial implantation and at what facility?
  • Who was the doctor that performed the procedure?
  • Brand of Implant(s)? Do you have a copy of your medical records from your breast implant surgery?
  • Have you had your implants removed? Are/were your implants ruptured?
  • Have you registered with Dow Corning (SF-DCT)?
  • Have you filed a Medical/Disease Claim?
  • Please list any health problems you currently have, such as SLE (lupus), dry eyes, joint pain and swelling, body and face rashes, myalgias, chronic fatigue, numbness and tingling in extremities, photosensitivity, etc?
  • Are you currently being treated by a doctor or a specialist?
  • Have you received money from either Breast Implant Litigation Settlement Fund? How much?
  • Is an attorney currently representing you for your potential Breast Implant Litigation claim?
  • Additional Comments:
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