What Does It Mean When A Breast Implant Ruptures?

The elastomer envelope surrounding a silicone gel breast implant sometimes fails, resulting in silicone coming into contact with other areas of the body. It is only considered a rupture if there is an actual tear in the envelope. A gel bleed, or slow leak of silicone gel, is not considered a rupture.

Can I Prove My Dow Corning Breast Implant Rupture Claim And Receive A Settlement?

The deadline to submit a rupture claim with the Settlement Facility was June 1, 2006

Is It Possible To Receive A Settlement Even If I Could Not Have My Dow Corning Implants Removed Due To My Health?

Yes. If your proof of manufacture documents meets the requirements in the Claimant Information Guide, you may still be eligible for a disease settlement payment, even if you have not had your implants removed.

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