Faulty IVC Filters Cases: A Complete Guideline

Breakthroughs and advancements in medical technology have done a lot in saving lives, and in many cases they are prolonged. But on the other hand, a serious issue is raised regarding the believing of the public that one drug or technique is effective or safer than it is proved to be. This problem is not only making the individual members of society worry about but also troubling the members of medical field at large. One such example is the recent reports about the faulty IVC filters and how they could be risky and unsafe in various situations.

Medical procedures are performed in thousands every day all over the world but most of them go successfully without any problem while the results of many of them have unintended results. No matter how much advancements are made but the risk of medical malpractice is still there. There are some medical procedures which are unnecessary but are commonly performed. The most common example of these medical procedures is inferior vena cava filters.

Why Are Unnecessary Medical Procedures Being Performed for IVC Filters?

Those patients who suffer from pulmonary embolism or vein thrombosis, they get IVC filters placed in their body. Both are possible life-threatening situation thus it is easy to understand that physicians are doing their best to save the patients in these types of situations. Journal of internal medicine published their recent study in which the proof of these filter’s benefits is thin at best. The question that arises after this study is that if the procedure is risky then why this device is being used by the medical professionals in the first place?

What Happen When Filters Are Not Retrieved?

Many IVC filters are designed in a way that after medical clearance or a certain time are taken out of patient’s body; however, in many cases, this is not happening. To leave them in the patient’s body will harm them as they are designed to be implanted on the temporary basis. In many cases this device becomes defective. In fact, the fragment of the device was found in the cases when the filter remained in the body even after the removal date of the filter. And this is how the defective medical devices and drugs are becoming common in the medical system.

In short, the medical industry, but it cannot be perfect but should learn from their past mistakes. The possibility of harm becomes high when the filters are not being used in a proper way. This fact is disturbing that their benefits were called into question. In case of any reason to worry about the effectiveness of IVC filters or any other medical device, they must be pulled out until the final results are unveiled.

Lawsuit Allegations

Companies are accused by the lawsuit because of:

  • Design and manufacturing of defective medical devices.
  • Bringing the products to market which are unreasonably dangerous
  • Not giving caution about the health risks and defects of the product.
  • Not fulfilling their duty to act sensibly in order to avoid foreseeable harm of patient
  • Hiding the facts of device dangers and defects.
What Is The Best Way To Cope This Situation?

If you go through the IVC filter procedure and suffer pain and any other injury by your doctor or due to the defective device take the legal help. Percy Martinez Law Firm helps their clients to prove their claim in case of any reason mentioned earlier and deal the complicated cases.

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