Johnson & Johnson (J&J) Talc

There are currently over 1,200 cases against Johnson & Johnson, one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of talcum powder. These lawsuits claim that the company did not sufficiently alert consumers about the cancer risk associated with using talc-based products.

There are two published studies that shed light on a possible link between exposure to talcum powder and the risk of ovarian cancer. The first study was conducted in 2010 which looked at a group of 200,000 women, from which 721 cases of ovarian cancer were reported. The second study was based on a group of 11,933 women to find a possible link between the use of talc powder and ovarian cancer. However, both of the studies remained inconclusive about the possible association. They emphasized that there were too many variables to draw a direct association.

Our Talc Mass Tort attorneys will review your medical history to determine whether you may have a case. The manufacturers of J&J Talc may be held liable for all damages associated with the medical events that occurred because of the use Talc powder. We will build a strong case to recover damages on your behalf. Anyone who experienced negative side effects after using J& J Talc powder should take legal action against the manufacturer.

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