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Your Silicone Breast Implant claims lawyers can help you with your Los Angeles breast implant class action  claim. As we continue to help Los Angeles  women with their Dow Corning Breast Implant Class Action claims, we reflect on the many years listening to female victims from California  and the stories they tell us. In reflection here are some of the questions that are still being asked. As we reflect on the 100’s of women we have spoken to, we still ask questions and wonder how this could this manufacturer  have harmed so many Los Angeles women. An Overview and Discussion

1. It appears that  one of the  physical properties  of  silicone is  that is does not have a  have high tear-resistance. Was that known?

2.  Who will  help these women with their  disease and injury from these implants?

3.  Science  has the potential to improve  lives and alleviate suffering but, what about the  responsibility for  unintended effects that may come with these advances?

Some Collected Facts On July 14, 1998, the Wall Street Journal reported that cosmetic breast implants in the United States in 1998 would reach the record number of about 130,000 that were done in 1990. On December 2, 1998, a court-appointed scientific panel said it saw no proven links between breast implants and disease. In 1993, almost 9,000 individuals filed law suits against Dow Corning claiming medical injury from their implants. By May 1995, the company was faced with  more than 20,000 lawsuits. Dow Corning saw the number of claimants in rise above 400,000. Dow Corning filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. It did not stop Dow Corning from continuing its other business activities. Dow Corning still operates today. The litigation has been  painfully slow for women. The women who claimed injury had to wait until mid 1998 to learn that Dow Corning and their negotiators had agreed on a settlement that would have Dow Corning pay more than $3.2 billion as monetary compensation for ruptured implants. What was the impact of the silicone implant?Some Things We Now  Know About Los Angeles Silicone Breast Implants Silicone Implants rupture and can  leak silicone fluid into the body. Silicone fluid can  leak through the walls of an intact implant. Autoimmune diseases  have developed in women with implants. For many of the Los Angeles tell us that  the silicone breast implant they received was life altering and resulted in many years of pain and suffering.

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