Reasons To File A Lawsuit Against Johnson & Johnson

  1. What Are Some Of The Reasons To File A Lawsuit Against Johnson & Johnson?

Johnson and Johnson is a product manufacturing company that sells goods to the public, which means that they hold the responsibility of staying aware of the medical literature that is published when it is relevant to one of their products.

Recently, medical professionals have been able to assess a female patient, and determine with a fair amount of medical certainty that the usage of talcum powder played a large role in the woman’s cancer development. If you or your loved one has been using a talcum based product over a sustained period of time and believe you may have developed ovarian cancer as a result, then it is imperative that you or your relative seek medical attention and start an appropriate course of treatment immediately. You should also contact an experienced products liability attorney as soon as possible so that he or she can determine if they can pursue a legal action on your behalf in order for you to be properly compensated for the injuries that you have incurred.

  1. What Has Been Going On With The Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder Lawsuit?

The consumer goods manufacturing company, Johnson & Johnson, has recently been put under severe legal scrutiny due to their widespread marketing and sales of its talcum powder based baby powder products. There have been several individual lawsuits that have claimed a link between prolonged powder use and ovarian cancer development. As a result, juries have already awarded nearly $200 million in damages to the affected plaintiffs and their families. There are many more lawsuits that are pending against the company at present.

  1. What Products Contain Talcum Powder? 

While talcum powder is sold in multiple forms, it is marketed and sold mostly as a cosmetic. Cosmetic products that are comprised of talcum powder are often labeled as body powder, foot powder, baby powder, facial powder, and diaper rash powder. Talc can also be found in certain types of facial cosmetic make-up, including blush, foundation, and eye shadow. However, not all brands of products contain talc, since many manufacturers are aware of the potential dangers of talc consumption, and have opted for alternative ingredients like corn starch.

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