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Portland Oregon Breast Implant Class Action Lawyers

The Law Offices of Fenstersheib  and Berkowitz continue to help women, nationwide,  with Dow Corning Breast implant claims in Portland, Eugene, Salem, Gresham, Hillsboro, Beaverton, Bend, Medford, Springfield, Corvallis women with their Dow Corning  breast implant claims. The Law Offices Of Fenstersheib and Berkowitz is a private practice  law firm which represents claimants in the Settlement Facility -Dow Corning Trust, the Breast Implant Litigation.  Oregon  Dow Corning Breast Implant Claim Help The breast implant class action is a complex system with deadlines and filings that are best done by an experienced breast implant litigation lawyer. Sheryl E. Berkowitz has successfully… Read More

Dow Corning Breast Implant Class Action

Do You Need Help With Your Dow Corning Silicone Gel  Breast Implant Class Action Claim? The Dow Corning Breast Implant Saga Continues The Law Offices of Robert Fenstersheib and Sheryl Berkowitz  continue to  review claims for the Dow Corning Breast Implant Class Action. It is 2014 and we still continue to hear from women  who need help, support and assistance with  their claims for compensation. We  have spoken to 100’s of women. We understand what you have been thru. Believe it or not, it is over  14 years since the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) demanded that the manufacturers… Read More

Claimants Are Waiting For Their Dow Corning Breast Implant Premium Payments

Advisory Committee For Dow Corning Breast Implants News and Updates 1. 6TH CIRCUIT COURT OF APPEALS RULES ON APPEAL On March 8, 2013, the Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit issued a ruling on Dow Corning’s appeal of the interest payment dispute.The appeal concerned a decision by the district court stating that Dow Corning was not entitled to a credit towards their payment obligations for the amount of interest earned on the Initial Payment to the Settlement Fund. The Court of Appeals issued a favorable ruling to the CAC’s position but unfortunately didn’t entirely resolve this issue. The CAC… Read More

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