What Have Been Some Of The Talcum Powder Lawsuit’s Verdicts And Settlement Amounts?

August 2017: Eva Echeverria was awarded a $417 million jury verdict. She was suffering from stage 4 ovarian cancer, after using talcum powder daily for over 60 years. The settlement included $340 million in punitive damages and $68 million in compensatory damages.

May 2017: Louis Slemp was awarded $110 million by a St. Louis jury. Slemp has been undergoing treatment for aggressive ovarian cancer that had spread to her liver. She had used the talcum powder regularly for over 40 years before developing the cancer.

November 2016: In California, a jury delivered a verdict of $70 million for Deborah Giannecchini. She was being treated for ovarian cancer with radiation and chemotherapy. Giannecchini had been using talcum based-products for over 40 years. Of the $70 million, $65 million dollars of the verdict was for punitive damages.

May 2016: a jury returned a verdict in favor of plaintiff Gloria Ristesund, who was also being treated for an aggressive case of ovarian cancer. Ristesund had used Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder for many years on a regular basis. She was awarded $55 million in damages.

February 2016: a jury decided that Johnson & Johnson was to be held responsible for the death of Jacqueline Fox. Fox had been using talcum powder for personal use for over 30 years. The total award was $72 million. Of that, $62 million was in punitive damages.

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