Car Accidents Due To Faulty Repairs In New York

In terms of auto accidents people usually think that a crash between two vehicles or accidents involving single cars where the driver has lost control of the vehicle. However, collisions and loss of control aren’t the only types of accidents, oftentimes accidents are caused as a result of faulty repairs done by a negligent mechanic thereby leading to injuries and damages. People may get into an accident as a result of the mistake of a mechanic or perhaps they drove into a pothole or a ditch because the faulty repair caused them to lose control of their vehicle. The point being in all the aforementioned examples that the mechanic did not perform their duties properly and sent you off in a vehicle with faulty repairs; in a vehicle that perhaps isn’t even roadworthy. However, as with all accidents if damages or losses were caused as a fault of another person’s negligence then you can be entitled to compensation.

Accidents Caused By Faulty Repairs

There are a multitude of ways in which faulty repairs can cause accidents. Sudden mechanical failures can cause a driver to lose control of the vehicle or new brakes that you were so sure were reliable might fail you at a critical moment or the engine might give out in the middle of a busy highway. Auto mechanics are also human beings and human beings are prone to make mistakes. The most reliable mechanic might also make a faulty repair on a vehicle every once in a while and such accidents caused by faulty repairs are not rare. These kinds of accidents are often seen in the court system.

Proving Fault In An Accident Caused By Faulty Repairs

Proving that your accident was caused by faulty repairs requires you to prove two main things:

  1. The repairs were faulty
  2. The faulty repair was the cause of the accident.

Having a receipt from the mechanic proves that the relevant repairs were performed by that particular establishment and at that point, you have to prove that the repairs you received were faulty. This is usually accomplished by getting another experienced mechanic to serve as an expert witness who will testify that the repairs weren’t adequate or done properly and this was the reason that the crash occurred. Proving the occurrence of a mechanical failure is usually easy but it gets difficult when it comes to proving that the mechanical failure was a result of faulty repairs. Therefore, it is very important and valuable to have a credible expert witness to testify in your case.

If you’ve been injured in an accident your first priority should be to seek immediate medical help. Make sure that you, your passengers, and anyone else involved in the accident receives emergency medical treatment. If you suspect that the accident was caused due to faulty repairs, you should begin the process of preparing your legal claim as soon as possible. Spend some time gathering contact information for any witnesses on the scene as it will be valuable for you to have witnesses and it is important to get their description of the incident before time passes and memories fade.

If you have suffered an accident in New York due to a faulty repair, you should contact an experienced law firm such as Kelly White Donofrio LLP as soon as you can to force a favorable settlement from the insurance companies.

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