How Can Gastric Sleeve Surgery Affect A Patient?

What is gastric sleeve surgery?

In a nutshell, it is a method or tool to lessen the weight. It is a method in which the main portion of the stomach is incised permanently. The part that is removed permanently is almost 90%. The rest is equal to that of the size of a banana. By this method, the patient feels less appetite and therefore loses weight in a short span of time.

Complications after gastric sleeve surgery:

Gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico is relatively less dangerous methods as compared to other methods. The rate of success is very high and encouraging. But there are chances that a patient can suffer from severe or minor sort of complications after the surgical procedure.

Following are some important, probable and to some extent acute and serious problems which can occur due to the gastric sleeve surgery.

  1. Blood loss:

Bleeding can occur after the operation; however, It is a very rare case, usually 1 in 200 patients.

  1. Infection:

Infection can also occur during or after the operation, and it is curable through antibiotics and very rarely through operation

  1. Wound problems:

Patients can also experience problems related to the healing of the wound. It is also noticed in very rare cases that some patients do not get their wound healed speedily.

  1. Blood clotting:

There are also chances of blood clotting in veins or in lungs.

  1. Probable chances of pneumonia:

It is also an acute complication that pneumonia can also occur in a patient after or during the surgery.

  1. Problems in the absorption of micronutrients:

There are infrequent chances of complications in absorptions of micronutrients. However, this problem can be easily handled through supplementary foods. Regular tests of blood are highly recommended in order to avoid any problem.

  1. Unintentional harm to any of the organs:

Moreover, there are equal chances of any unintentional damage to any of the organs of the body during the procedure of surgery. It came under notice that the damage usually occurs near the place of organs that are going through the surgery. This harm can be cured by another surgical or medical method.

  1. Drooping skin due to quick weight loss:

Drooping of skin is also a major complication. The skin may droop owing to the rapid and fast rate of weight loss.

Precautionary measures before the operation:

When you have got an appointment for surgery, it is advised to you to consume low-calorie liquid diet for almost 14 days before the surgery. This diet will help the patient to lose weight, especially from the liver, and it enhanced the protection of the surgical procedure. However, it is recommended you to seek the full information and follow the instructions of your surgeon and dietitian.

Diet plan after the operation.

After the surgery has done you will have to stay in the hospital for almost 4 to 6 days. Soon after the surgery, you will be given only fluids like water and juices. All of these liquids will be sipped with a slow pace and in small quantity at the initial level. After a thorough and complete X-ray study, you will be given free fluids for the remaining days of your stay at the hospital. After the next 5 to 6 weeks the patient would be able to heel his wounds, therefore gradually the amount of food intake would be increased. For your further information and guidance, a booklet containing all the diet will be given to you at the time of your appointment.

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